Ukraine will win!

The Charitable Foundation of the Sudovyshnyansk Territorial Community was established to support Ukrainians affected by the russian invasion.

We are working to meet the urgent needs of the military and medical personnel defending Ukraine on the front lines, and the civilian population in the liberated settlements.

You can help right now!

Areas of activity of the charitable foundationу

  • Military Assistance

    Special vehicles and cars for the needs of the Armed Forces, equipment and gear.

  • Humanitarian help

    Food and hygiene products at the forefront and in the liberated settlements of Ukraine.

  • Medicine

    Medicines, medical devices and equipment for hospitals, hospitals and advanced.

Resources and Effectiveness of our Foundation

  • Location

    Located 29 km to the Ukrainian-Polish border, the possibility of receiving goods in the buffer zone.

  • Warehouses and vehicle service stations

  • Logistics

    Ability to send up to 15 tons of humanitarian aid daily.

  • Support of the Sudova Vyshnya city territorial community

You can help right now

  • Financial aid

    We are directing the collected funds to help Ukrainians in the liberated settlements, as well as to fulfill the requests of doctors and the military in the hottest places, on the front lines.

  • Humanitarian help

    We deliver what is needed where it is most needed. We work with inquiries from hospitals, military units, city hall, volunteer organizations.

  • Volunteering

    We dream of helping as many people as possible. Your work and skills can greatly enhance our logistics and organizational resources. Contact us for more details.

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Need help?

War requires special flexibility and speed. To process the most urgent needs of hospitals, hospitals, military units, regional military administrations and volunteer organizations, we process your inquiries on a daily basis.

Please provide complete information on urgent needs: name, details, quantity. In order for your query to be processed as quickly as possible, add files with a list of required in the excel spreadsheet and a scanned copy of the official query.